Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

Use of tactile ground surface indicators on the walking floors is a significantly important factor that makes the daily lives of the visually impaired people easier. Warning surface indicators in the form of a circle are to warn the visually impaired people using a white cane for dangers such as falls/hits.
Directional/guiding surface indicators in the form of a bar are to help them identify the line they will walk. These products will allow the visually impaired people to go to their destination without receiving any further help.

It is very important to install these products in a proper manner so that the visually impaired people could benefit greatly from these tactile ground surface indicators.

These tactile ground surface indicators made of grade 304 stainless steel are manufactured at our own production facility at the international quality standards. The following products are those frequently used for our projects and can be manufactured in any desired sizes and designs meeting
different requirements.