Induction Loop Systems

Induction Loop Systems are assistive hearing solutions. These products make it possible for the hearing impaired people to access qualified and understandable sounds. Assistive hearing systems provide great benefits for an increasingly large portion of the society.

Hearing loss affects one out of seven people, which percentage is increasing as the population gets older. The hearing impaired people are getting more aware and knowledgeable about products that are intended to help them. This is conspicuously enhancing the demand of end-users for products
that are designed in the field of assistive hearing systems. Regulations that are in force worldwide are intended to encourage or make it legally compulsory the use of Induction Loop Systems

Fixed Counter Type Induction Loop System


Installed on a fixed point in service areas such as reception desks, cashier’s desks/counters, payment points etc. with an influence area of about 10 m². This influence area could be extended up to 50 m² by increasing the cabling length.

Portable Counter Type Induction Loop System


Offering a more comfortable use since they are lightweight and mobile, these portable induction loop systems have an influence area of about 2 m². Also offer an opportunity for wireless usage with an internal battery if the device is charged