Scalamat Accessibility Technologies

Scala, a well-known name in the press industry with experience of more than 20 years, started works under the brand Scalamat in the field of products addressing the needs of people with disabilities as from 2011, and become a leading and preferred company in the industry it operates in a short span
of time with the great products it has manufactured, and the useful applications it has developed. With its products and services, Scalamat offers sustainable accessibility solutions for visually, physically and hearing impaired people.


Products such as tactile ground surface indicators, Braille embossed guidance and information signages, tactile and audible maps, kiosks, audible warning and announcing systems are manufactured and applied.

Quality services are offered by our company acting as a distributor of leading  ompanies in this industry in the field of installation and calibration processes for induction loop systems.

We import, act as a dealer, manufacture and install many products such as lift systems, foldable wheelchair ramps, handrails, car parking for disabled, WC personnel call systems for the people with disabilities etc.

Scalamat offers quality services for the products it manufactures and the applications it develops considering not only customer satisfaction, but also the principle of social responsibility. Among the indispensable values of our company are reliability, innovation, research based operations, high quality, productivity, legal responsibility and dynamism.

Our company meets the needs of the customers by means of offering high quality products and services at first class standards. We have a corporate culture that makes us responsible for the reliability and quality of the products and services we offer as a whole together with the management and employees, which creates a significant difference between us and other companies operating in this industry.

With all the employees engaging in this process, Scalamat will continue to be an organization that produces positive values for the society, in particular, the visually impaired people.

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