Safety Products

The purpose of these safety products is that all pedestrian avoid any situation that may cause dangers such as slippery grounds, glass pieces etc.

Anti-slip tape


Anti-slip tape is usually used on stairs and inclined surfaces, where there is a high degree of falling hazard. 50 mm in width, applied across the area. Black color. Ensures safe access with an anti-slip surface it offers. Used for both indoors and outdoors.

Glass Safety Tape


A glass safety tape is used on glass surfaces to minimize the risk of collision. 75 mm in width, applied in two rows across the glass. Product color is chosen in a way that is in compliance with the corporate colors of the customers creating a sufficient level of contrast.

Slippery Floor Signage


Slippery Floor Signage is used for warning in case of wet and slippery floors. The product is of 245×620 mm in sizes, and 780 gr. in weight. Yellow color. Practical to use with a foldable body and handle to carry. Warning text on both sides