Audible and Light Guidance Systems

Audible and light emergency exit guidance systems are designed to allow hearing impaired people, visually impaired people, people with low vision, color-blinds and those with no visual handicap to find their way out through the nearest exit in case of emergency.

Emergency Exit Guidance System


This system consists of an audible and flasher announcement module and a wireless warning button. The sound record memory is partitioned in four parts and of eighty seconds, each with a length of twenty seconds. Sound records are chosen for four different scenarios (evacuation, guidance to another area, fire risk in the zone, restricted zone). It is possible to choose the announcement length as 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes. Sound files may be loaded from a computer, tablet or a similar electronic device onto this device by means of a direct connection between them. An audible announcement module provides an announcement in selectable periods when it is activated by pushing the wireless warning button.

Operating voltage: 160-265V AC
Input voltage: 12V DC
Flasher: White
Loudspeaker / loudspeaker protection: 8ohm/Available
Volume / volume level: 20W/Adjustable
Harmonic distortion: <0.1%
Amplifier productivity: >93%
Watchdog protection: Available
External module support 2 wireless control module / wireless warning button
Reset button: On the device (for detectors)
Announcement: Selectable announcement periods
Announcement stop: Support to restore by giving an alarm through the wired input
Triggering input: 12V DC or dry contact
Wireless module: 868Mhz @ bi-directional communication
Battery: 2 x 12V/1.2Ah
Battery charging time: Max 72-hour full charging capacity
24-hour charging: Nominal ampere hour >80%
Battery charging current: should charged in case of > c/10 current.
Oxidation failure: Warning details on the device (max. 4 hours).
Device charging capacity: Device are fed with 220V charging both announcement and bettery
Deep discharge protection: Available
Battery voltage warning: Warning LED before deep discharge
Operation after power outage: Max 72 hours
Battery replacement Plug & play
Body/Color/Type: ABS Plastic/White/Standard
Protection class: IP44
Operating temperature: -10°C~+45°C

Emergency Exit Guidance System


Designed for announcement of an audio record by a built-in microphone for 40 second in case of emergency. Announcement as long as it is energized in interior locations. Use the ready announcements prerecorded on the device or change them using the microphone. An emergency exit guidance system is located in places close to the emergency exit gates. Announcements increasing as one gets close to the exit such as “Follow this way for the emergency exit” to get to the emergency exit door.

Operating voltage: 10-28V DC
Operating current: <50mA
Volume: 1W (with min. 8ohm loudspeaker)
Harmonic distortion: <%2 (1W)
Audio recording time: 40 seconds
Indication: Power LED indication
Audio input: Available
Ready audio recording: Supports
Mute function: Available
Amplifier loudspeaker protection: Available
Body/Color/Type: ABS Plastic/White/Standard
Operating temperature: -10°C~+45°C
Sizes: 110x110x39mm
Weight: 155gr
Mounting type: Ceiling & Wall

Emergency Exit Light Signboard


Used to make it easy to find the emergency exit in case of emergency such as fires, earthquakes. Automatically activated in case of emergency when there is a power outage and allows for operation for up to 3 hours.

Power: 0.3 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Light Flow: 20 İm
Rated Current: 0.001 A
Protection Class: IP20-CLASS I
Charging Time: 24 hours
Operating Time Max: 3 hours
Operating Temperature: -10°C ~+50°C
Operating Humidity Rate: 95%